Black Hills Renaissance Festival 

June 15th and 16th 2024

Please see the sign up sheet below to see the current needs for volunteers.  You must volunteer if you want to get into the fair for free.  The sign up sheet below if for viewing only you must email your information to sign up.

If there is a slot you want to fill please contact Joshua using the email contact button to the right.   Please provide the following information in the email.

Copy of Ren Fair Sign Up Sheet

Our Role in the Black Hills Renaissance Festival.

We have been asked to come back the the festival to put on a demonstration of medieval style combat, archery, and various crafts and skills.  For this participation the Shire of Schattentor will have a donation made to us by the Festival which will allow us to fund our other activities and events.  On top of the donation this a great opportunity for us to recruit new friends who share share our nerdy passion for recreating history.

This demo is a important event for the Shire of Schattentor and I call on all our members to volunteer to help out.  Only through your time and effort  will we be able to put on a good demo and grow as a Shire.  


This is a two day demo event and the site has graciously allowed us to camp on site.  They have asked that anyone who wishes to camp please try to do so in period tent or to disguise more modern equipment.  There will be bathrooms on site but they will be some distance away from the tent space so keep that in mind in deciding if you want to camp or day trip for the event.  There is also limited access to water on site so plan on bringing what you need to drink.  

If you have a period tent and would like to camp please contact Joshua with the following information,

Map of Planned Demo Area